You rely on fast, efficient, and secure access to your online resources on the cloud. Thinking2 provides hosting for your company’s web and email needs using state of the art technologies that let you work efficiently and securely.

 Web Hosting

Our Web Hosting is perfect for your small business or personal website. Your website deserves fast load times powered by solid state drives (SSD) with optimized site performance tools so your clients can access it with ease. Our strong infrastructure gives you one less thing to worry about, with daily backups, PCI compliant network, and deep packet scanning, you can focus on more important things…like running your business.

Starts at $30/mo or 2 months free with annual purchase!

Web Hosting

 Hosted Email Solutions

Email for your business, simplified.


With business-class hosted email @your-domain you will receive a robust email experience that includes more options and better flexibility. $3/mailbox/month


Seamlessly syncs with Outlook on desktop and mobile, cause that’s what it was built to do. Mail, calendars, contacts, tasks. $10/mailbox/month


We can offer your business a hybrid solution, providing Management with Hosted Exchange and Employees with Managed Business-Class, it’s the best of both worlds!

 Spam Reporting

Our advanced spam reporting tool delivers a daily report of blocked spam with features to control blacklisting and whitelisting directly from the report. $1/mailbox/month


VPS Hosting

 VPS Hosting

Our Virtual Private Servers provide a scalable resource for your business. Fueled by Solid State Drives (SSDs) for increased power, speed and stability that allows businesses to masterfully run their websites and applications. Businesses experiencing high web traffic, running complex applications needing scalability or want maximum performance then our VPS hosting is for you.

 Dedicated Hosting

Don’t want to share your resources? A dedicated server gives you the maximum control of your resources. Not having to share your hardware nor bandwidth means you’ll see an increase in overall performance, load times and security.

We include a FREE SSL & dedicated IP Address for the life of your server.

Email Hosting


A solution for every size business.

Web, VPS and Dedicated Hosting


Fast and efficient load times.

Cloud Solutions


Secure with consistent uptime.