Custom Web Design + Video & Photography + Responsive Development

RAMCO is a third generation family-owned and operated leader in the construction materials industry. They are committed to being a respected leader and producer of quality and competitively priced recycled aggregate materials for the construction industry they serve.

Launch Site

Custom Web Design

The foundation of the modern world is built upon dirt, rocks, concrete and asphalt. While not a glamorous industry the Recycled Aggregate Materials Company came to Thinking2 with the challenge of creating an updated and clean site reflecting their core values of quality, service and integrity.

We rose to the challenge and designed a site that turns the working quarries and materials into the stars of the show. Authentic photography of the RAMCO locations and materials were turned into glamour shots displaying the beauty of the recycling sites and aggregate. A perfect balance of imagery and content was achieved using large headers and a half page split design with an alternating 50/50 layout.

Moorpark Custom Web Design

Brand & Identity

Designing around our client’s brand, Thinking2 crafted the design in a monochromatic color scheme of gold, grey and black that cohesively reflects their brand identity through their website. Various logo formats add interest to the site and help to reinforce their image.

Logo Design | Acme Vial 

Video & Photography

What is RAMCO all about? Well just hit the home page and their custom video brings to life the world of Recycled Aggregate Materials Company.

Graphic photography and videography are strategically placed to highlight the various construction materials and services offered by RAMCO. Reinforcing the corporate identity, the muted images reflect the web design’s monochromatic color scheme.

Responsive Development

Built on a responsive backbone for WordPress, the website seamlessly moves from desktop to tablet to phone. With an updated design that features a responsive video, modernized sticky navigation and a mobile menu, visitors are able to browse the site from any device.

The homepage video is built to respond to the specific device and play accordingly, increasing load times and fluid video playback.

Logo Design | Acme Vial 


Before Moorpark Custom Website Design


After Moorpark Custom Website Design