Web Design

From concept to completion, we build your web based project with your needs in mind and for the future. A graphically appealing site offers an enhanced User Experience that engages your visitors through a cohesive and successful User Interface that leads to increased traffic and return visitors.

  Custom Web Design

Your website is not just a yellow page ad, it is your business salesman and store front on the web, available to potential clients 24/7, be sure your first impression to your clients reflects that. Every business and website is unique, along with providing custom designs we offer customized template and WordPress solutions to help fit your budget and needs.

We think websites should be stunning, profitable, and easy to use - accomplishing this by creating projects fit for your business that work both technically and visually is what we do.

Custom Web Design

Balanced Design Approach

Visually, we focus on your target audience and the messages you want to put across to them - ensuring that key messages and calls to action are strategically applied to maximize your website's potential.  We also ensure the environment we create for users to navigate through reflects your brand ethos and style.

Technically, our websites are built with a solid foundation and flexibility using Responsive Web Design.  It is important that we offer our clients a quality product so that they can begin to see their ROI in the form of new leads, clients, and increased sales.

 Responsive Design

So what is all the new hype with Responsive Web Design?  Well, RWD provides an optimal experience for your visitors across mulitple platforms, from your laptop to your smartphone and even on your tablet or netbook.  All this is done with one site that is able to adapt to the viewing environment in a fluid and flexible way.  Responsive websites are becoming the standard due to their increased user accessibility and reduced costs when compared to mananging a separate mobile site.  Let Thinking2 help you enter in the new era of Responsive Web Design.

Responsive Design


bigcommerceYour e-commerce site is your money maker, and because of that we have partnered with BigCommerce & Shopify, creating a dynamic solution for your e-commerce business. Providing our clients with a variety of tools to excel in their line of business is always our goal. A custom designed site that has your brand all over it can elevate your company from the mundane to the magnificent and keep them coming back. We have affordable solutions that cater to all budgets and can turn your design ideas into reality, creating an amazing store.

With a power house of tools at your disposal you can easily...

  • boost your site’s seo
  • manage your store
  • promote and market your store
  • view site conversions

And now a complete set of analytic tools to...

  • track traffic
  • orders & inventory
  • pounce on abandoned cart lost revenue.

Web Design

24/7 Salesman

Make the best first impression.

Responsive Website


Responsive Web Design for all devices.

E-commerce online store


eCommerce and storefront tools.