Custom Responsive Web Design + XML Data & RSS Feed Integration + CMS Platform

The Arxis consulting team has led numerous international technology deployments across local markets in North America, Asia, Europe, South America and Africa. Combining their expertise with an intimate understanding of local market dynamics to streamline business solutions projects.

Custom Web Design

Creating a clean, modern and user friendly site for Arxis Technology was done by focusing on some of the current web design trends. CSS animation guides visitors to key data and information sections of the site with interactive features.

Capitalizing on larger screen real estate, full width design with dynamic content and graphic imagery creates an informative site with breathing room. The User Experience is enhance by incorporating varying hues, fresh photography, and custom graphics.


Responsive Design

An emphasis on Responsive Web Design, Thinking2 developed this website to have a parallax look and feel that was still SEO friendly.

The result is a custom website that looks sharp and is easily navigated on all types of devices.

XML Data & RSS Feed Integration

Facilitating data automation and integration for Arxis Technolgy that seamlessly incorporates their content marketing plan from Brafton into their website. SEO friendly content is automatically generated and formatted to create a high quality result for their visitors.

Simi Valley Website Design Arxis

CMS Platform

Thinking2 CMS provides Arxis Technology the ability to take control of their site and maintain content in an easy to use content management system that's customized for Brafton's automated newsfeed integration.


Simi Valley Before Custom Website Design


Simi Valley After Custom Website Design