Responsive Design + Branding + CMS Platform + Photography + DB Product Line + Integrated Quote Application

Manufacturer of high quality custom and stock glass vial products since 1942. This multi-generational family business has a commitment to high quality, fast service and affordable prices.

Launch Site

Logo Design

Creation of a new iconic logo for ACME Vial utilized cleaner text, a cool blue vial and strategic word placement.

Logo Design | Acme Vial 

CMS Platform

The Thinking2 CMS e-commerce solution was customized to make the product search and quote request a user friendly tool. By displaying category products in an easy to view table with size, volume and images clients can easily discern their desired item. Product details provide multiple images, automatically resized by the CMS, and the ability to add the item to your own customized quote.

The generated quote form is more than a simple form, it is part of a custom integrated quote application that stores all the information in a database that can be edited/updated and be easily transferred to their billing and ordering system.

Responsive Design

A clean and organized site was designed for the specialty product line and customized to feature other recommended products, various product details and the ability to generate a custom order quote. The responsive design allows visitors to access the site and request the quote from a variety of devices including tablets and phones.

Responsive Design | Acme Vial

Integrated Quote Application

ACME Vial was looking to optimize their website by utilizing it as a web based tool to get their best return on investment. The custom integrated quote app allows the end user to add items and quantities to a basket where they then can submit the quote request, just as if they were shopping for the items. ACME Vial can then login and update the quantities and prices accordingly and through the system automatically email the revised estimate back to the client, cutting down on time and reducing user error.

Database Driven Product Line

We developed a relational database that connects all the products and intuitively determines which vials correspond to closures as well as which closures will fit selected vials.

Database Driven Products


Product photography is key in the development of an online catalog or store. Glass is by far one of the most difficult mediums to photograph due to itÕs light reflecting properties and transparency. To capture the clear glass products for ACME Vial we utilized varying photography techniques paired with Photoshop to create web friendly product images.

Product Photography


Paso Robles Website Design Before Screen Shot


Paso Robles Website Design After Screen Shot