Online Review Management

 Importance of Reviews

Did you know that 88% of customers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation?  Think about that.  Now, think about your business and your online reviews.  What do they say about you?  Are they posted on reputable review sites?  How many do you have?

Aside from the reputation aspect, Online Reviews also help your business in a number of other ways...

How does your business compare?

Use our free Review Scan to generate an instant Reputation Report and see how your business appears on local review sites.


Your business will be found on multiple review platforms, making your business and website easier to find with more credibility.


With services such as Google+ and Google Maps showcasing businesses and their reviews, your business can appear front and center.  A simple Google search of "restaruants in los angeles" displays local results complete with ratings, website, images and more.


Because these various review sites validate your business it provides search engines with more value to your site, which helps increase it's rankings.  These online review sites also often rank higher that individual business pages because of their large scope and database. 

Customer Decisions

New customers reading reviews look at star ratings as much as the quantity to help make decisions on whethter to give a call or not.  Reading numerous great reviews might sway us to pick up the phone and call, too many negative reviews with similar experiences might deter us from even considering the business.

ROI of Online Reviews

With all these factors combined we can see that Online Reviews can have a stronger marketing impact at a lower cost than almost any paid advertising!  WOW!

So, what can you do? Connect with us and get back in the driver’s seat. We’ll help you engage, respond, report and share – proactively putting your business in the middle of the conversation.  Use our free Review Scan above to see how you compare!

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