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Web Design & Development

Content Management Systems - CMS

Being able to have the power to update your site at the tips of your fingers can improve your company’s efficiency and save you on overhead costs in the long run. Thinking2 CMS is designed to give you the power to update photos and content, as well as manage your company’s inventory and newsletters.  Each CMS is tailored to your company’s needs.  If you have an e-commerce site and need a robust inventory ordering system, we can do that.  If you have an organization or school and need to track memberships and tuition, we can do that.  If you provide a service and need to send out newsletters frequently, we can do that.  Creating a CMS with custom tools for your company is what we do best.  Let us “create for your future.”

Thinking2 CMS

Template or Custom?

Thinking2 creates a range of options for our clients.  Whether you have your own design or template you need implemented, want an affordable CMS website like our Thinking2 template sites with CMS backend, or you require a custom web design with custom applications, Thinking2 provides dynamic web sites that are innovative and fresh.  Our specialty is providing clean functionality with both eye catching design and professional appeal.  Thinking2 has over 20 combined years of experience creating websites and applications that work for you and your company.

Thinking2 template websites can start for as little as $1,500 and $50/month for our hosting / CMS bundle. This option includes a simple customized layout suited to your website needs as well as access for you to be able to update, edit and add pages to your own new website through our hosted Thinking2 backoffice.

If you are looking for a more tailored design for your company to send a message to your clients, Thinking2's custom website design packaged with our custom CMS applications is your solution. Thinking2 will research your competitors and sit down with you to conduct a corporate branding interview to create designs and applications specifically for your company's needs. Thinking2 Customer Website Designs start at approximately $4,500.

Thinking2 Custom Web Design

Non-CMS web design and development services are also available for you and your company as well. Whether you are looking for small updates or a website overhaul, Thinking2 specializes in these services and would love to hear from you.

Responsive Web Design

So what is all the new hype with Responsive Web Design?  Well, RWD provides an optimal experience for your visitors across mulitple platforms, from your laptop to your smartphone and even on your tablet or netbook.  All this is done with one site that is able to adapt to the viewing environment in a fluid and flexible way.  While the cost of a Responsive Web Design is initially more than a standard site the longterm costs are less due to not having a dedicated mobile site.  Let Thinking2 help you enter in the new era of Responsive Web Design.


Unlike many E-commerce companies we provide custom applications designed to fit your needs.  Because we don’t rely on E-commerce software we are able to adapt to the needs of your business instead of forcing your business into the framework of pre-established software templates.  Thinking2 offers an open and flexible E-commerce platform that features fundamental E-commerce functionality that can encompass a unique user interface, custom features, multiple databases and systems integrations that will optimize the experience for you and your customer.  We can achieve this using a variety of tools.

  • Shopping cart
  • Thinking2 content management system that allows you to update stock, content, and images.
  • Secure online credit card processing
  • Online shipping and tracking

Thinking2 Ecommerce

Web Development

We specialize in custom application solutions that fit your needs.  Our CMS system is the foundation to many of our custom applications that we've created in order to provide our clients with affordable, custom, and easy to use applications that empower them to run and maintain not only their websites, but their businesses as well.  Whether it is as simple as a newsletter or photo gallery, or as advanced as overseas inventory management, we can create an application that streamlines your data and makes it work for you.

Thinking2 Web Development Programming

E-Mail Campaigns

For our client that finds it necessary to reach out to their customers regularly, we recommend e-mail marketing.  E-mail newsletters are a great way to stay involved with your customers, especially if your industry is dynamic (e.g. finance).  When you need to let your clients know how progressive your company is, or like to update them regularly on the "goings-on" in your specialty, or just like to stay in touch with your patrons, e-mail marketing and newsletters are a great way to do so!

MS SQL Database Design & Development

Thinking2, Inc. is well versed in Microsoft SQL and can offer you quick, robust and efficient solutions for a variety of problems.  Understanding that the needs of each client are unique, we are able to create solutions that are as dynamic as your business.  In order for your company to stay focused on the important aspects of your business we can create a system that can automate most processes which allows you more time to spend on your business and less on software interaction.  We do this by utilizing the latest in DTS, SPROCS, Reporting and Query Analyzer.

We also can provide a Content Management System that puts you in full control of your site’s content.

Microsoft ASP

Microsoft® Active Server Pages (ASP) is a server-side scripting environment that we use to create and run dynamic, interactive Web server applications. With ASP, we are able to combine HTML pages, script commands such as Jquery, and COM components to create interactive Web pages and powerful Web-based applications. By using ASP Thinking2 creates dynamic and ever-changing web pages that are browser independent. This is the foundation of our powerful CMS that allows us to create an easy to use system for our clients' and their business that will serve them for years to come.

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